Inositol Benefits

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By: Dr. Sam Robbins & Dr. Ann Lakner
Topic: Using Inositol herb (extract/root) to naturally, quickly and safely treat anxiety, depression, panic attacks and insomnia, while also enhancing your mood and sense of well-being. It’s an effective remedy, treatment and alternative cure/solution.


Inositol structure Inositol is an unofficial member of the B vitamin group that functions as a primary component of cell membranes. Although inositol has not been shown to be essential in the human diet, supplementation has shown to exert some very beneficial effects in cases of depression, panic attacks and even diabetes.

Low Inositol = Depression

Inositol is required for the proper action of several brain neurotransmitters, including serotonin and acetylcholine. It is currently thought that a reduction of brain inositol levels may induce depression, as inositol levels in the cerebrospinal fluid have been shown to be low in patients with depression.

In double-blind studies, inositol has demonstrated therapeutic results (i.e. reduction in score of the Hamilton Depression Scale – HDS) similar to those of tricyclic antidepressant drugs – but WITHOUT the side effects.

Panic Attacks Gone …

Because of the effect of inositol on depression, a double-blind study was designed to test inositol’s effectiveness in panic disorders. The frequency and severity of panic attacks declined significantly more after inositol, than after placebo administration.

Other Benefits …

Inositol supplements may benefit those with bipolar disorder, depression, impotence, obsessive-compulsive disorder, lung cancer, panic disorder, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

This supplement could also be helpful in those with psoriasis who are on lithium medication.

Any Negative Side-Effects?…

No, that’s the best part. Not only is it as effective as prescription medications, Inositol has no negative side-effects, it’s not addictive, can be taken safely long-term and daily. In fact, very high dosages (thousands of milligrams) have been given to patients WITHOUT any negative effects.

So, What’s YOUR Best Solution?…

I’ll be honest with you. No single ingredient works at 100% effectiveness forever, let alone for every person. And that includes Inositol or any other single herb or nutrient.

Think about it. Just like you don’t eat only broccoli for best health, you don’t want to use only one herb or nutrient either.

The best products use Inositol, in conjunction with other key ingredients, at specific dosages to dramatically help with Anxiety & Depression. Other key ingredients you should look for when purchasing a product, which also work in synergy with Inositol are:

  • Phenibut
  • Kava Kava
  • 5-HTP
  • Passion Flower Extract
  • Valerian Root Extract
  • St. John’s Wort

If taking Inositol by itself, and not in conjunction with the above other key ingredients, then you’ll need a MUGH HIGHER daily dosage. By itself, 1000 mgs, 3-4x daily is needed. When used with the above synergistic ingredients, much lower dosage is needed – only 100-200 mgs.

When combined with the above ingredients, it creates a “synergy” where you get MORE positive effects, at a much LOWER dose. That’s the secret!…

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Inositol For Depression

Inositol which is sometimes referred to as vitamin B8 is basically a water soluble fatty lipid which is essential for the body for the production of healthy cells. It has also been shown to be quite effective in treating some cases of obsessed compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders which generally respond to serotonin uptake inhibitors.


However among the claimed or reported benefits of inositol in the clinical settings are reductions for the need of medication when the patient is given inositol as there is a reduction in the edema in treatment of scald burns, and also in relieving symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.


Benefits of inositol

Moreover inositol is also established as a significant mediator of calcium mobilization mainly in the endoplasmic reticulum. However amending the mobilization of calcium might also be quite effective in treating of some CNS disorders such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder and it also acts as an analgesic for pain control. Similarly, it is also used to alleviate lithium induced adverse reactions. Several claims have been made and even reviewed by several people that inositol works as an antidepressant in curing depression.



What does inositol do?


Natural inositol is actually the second messenger that triggers the release of calcium in the cells. It is even involved in the proper transmission of messages between the neural cells and in the transport of fats within cells. However its most crucial role is found to be in the central nervous system as it serves to aid in transmitting messages along the neural pathway. A number of studies have shown it to be effective in treating a number of psychological disorders which seem to have a chemical basis. These treatments of natural inositol include bulimia, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar mood disorder. Moreover it is also found to be present in great concentration in the cells in and around central nervous system which includes the retinal cells, brain cells and in other particular cells such as the intestinal cells and the bone marrow. Inositol is also found to be highly concentrated in mother’s milk which leads to the possible link to stronger immune system.


Health benefits of inositol


Therefore due to the role of inositol in health of cells and neurotransmission, it is considered to be a vital nutrient for the body. This natural nutrient is sometimes used in the treatment of several neurologically based disorders. This includes moderate to mild depression where patients treated with this natural inositol supplement showed a definite improvement in several studies conducted on depression. Moreover there were also several studies conduced on panic attacks and the effectiveness of inositol supplements. The clinical evidences suggest that large dosage of this natural supplement can reduce the number of severity in panic attacks. Therefore due to its beneficial effects on central nervous system and its crucial role in development of healthy cells, several doctors recommend multivitamin supplements that contain inositol. Moreover it is also highly recommended as a treatment for depression, anxiety and OCD.

Inositol Utility

Inositol is a form of sugar, and is also known as a simple carbohydrate which plays a crucial role in the chemical reactions of the body which are related to the production of glucose. Some studies have categorized inositol as B vitamin while making it a part of B vitamin complex along with other vitamins.However there are also some studies that have shown that inositol being categorized as one of the B vitamins is not completely accurate. It has no nitrogen content and as therefore it is considered as a non vital amine.In fact, the human body is also able to create inositol.


Sources of inositol


Inositol is basically an organic compound in the cell membrane of every living creature which includes animals, plants and even humans. In the plants, inositol can be obtained in the body through phytic acid. Some of the good sources include wheat, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, oat flakes and cereals including several other sources. However there are also fruits and vegetables which are also some good sources of inositol and these include nuts, beans, bananas, cabbage, oranges, raisins and legumes. In animals, inositol is part of the phosopholipids and it can be found mainly in the brain along with other major systems of the body. Some good sources of inositol as a meal include heart and liver of animals including beef brains.



Effectiveness or benefits of inositol


Inositol effectiveness can be found on the nerve transmission as it helps in the transportation of fats throughout the body. As said earlier, inositol plays a crucial role in proper development of cell membranes. It is also found to work with other members of vitamin B group including biotin and choline to help in minimizing the aggregation of fats in the liver. Therefore due to these beneficial inositol uses, it is commonly used in the treatment of different liver problems.


It is also believed that inositol has the ability to lower the levels of blood cholesterol. Although there is deficient evidence that can prove this, it might still help in reducing the symptoms of anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression as well as diabetes. However if you need help in fighting depression then inositol would be needed for proper and efficient functioning of the serotonin which is a brain neurotransmitter which affects mood.


As inositol is present in every cell membrane, it functions as a nutrient and plays a crucial role in differentiation and proliferating cell which has an effect on overall health. Some studies which are currently performed have actually seen inositol showing anti cancer properties in the initial results but further study is still needed. Diabetic patients might also benefit from supplementing on secure inositol as these patients usually have an increased excretion of inositol. Moreover those who want to lose weight can also try out these natural inositol supplements. The dosage of these supplements can vary but there are no side effects of this natural inositol ingredient in the supplement. You can even consult with your physician before choosing any inositol supplement.

Inositol Reviews

The market is full of supplements and products either for weight loss, hair growth, weight gain, healthy living etc which also promise to offer successful results while being cheap and affordable. However this often creates confusion on the minds of the consumer as to which product they should use and which not. Most of the people have also tried out several products and supplements without gaining any results but there are also some who have tried some genuine natural products as well and are very happy with the outcomes.


Reviews of inositol


Inositol which has been around for a long time, actually offers you some positive effects while offering several bodily benefits. It is not just a supplement that you need for a specific disorder or illness but an alternative or solution for most of your health problems and for a healthy living. There are also several websites with real customer reviews. So, you can just go through some of the inositol reviews to know about the benefits people have experienced using these supplements.


Inositol information


Inositol is sometimes referred to as vitamin B12 and is also one of the B complex vitamins which is required by the body in small amounts to stay fit and healthy. Although it is not officially recognized as a vitamin, it can still be synthesized in the body from glucose through the intestinal bacteria. Myo-inositol is one of the most common natural forms of inositol. This nutrient is present in all the body tissues but with higher concentration in the heart, brain and eye lens.



Inositol Benefits


Inositol is quite similar to choline in its functions which is one of the primary components of cell membranes and important for the growth of cells in the eye membranes, bone marrow and intestines. Therefore similar to choline, it is a lipotropic agent or a fat emulsifier but is quite milder. Inositol helps in metabolizing fat and cholesterol by breaking down fats into small particles which hare easier to remove thereby reducing fat built up in body organs especially in the liver. According to the inositol reviews, it is also found to have calming effects because it is involved in the production and action of the neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine and serotonin.


Those who suffer from depression are actually the ones who have lower than normal levels of inositol. According to the reports on specific inositol studies have stated it to be effective in treating depression while being initial evidence in encouraging. Moreover in small double blind study, people on the supplement who consumed 12 g of inositol daily for a month showed considerable improvement compared to other placebo group.


Inositol supplements

Therefore if you are looking for natural supplements to maintain optimal health, then it is recommended that you take multi-vitamin which helps in proper balance of all the necessary nutrients that your body needs. There are several supplements and products you can find which contain healthy content of inositol ingredients. Moreover you can even take your doctor’s recommendation when you consider a particular supplement for a disorder or for optimal health.

Inositol Products

Inositol is sometimes confused with other similar sounding nutrients such as inositol nicotinate and inositol hexaphosphate but they are not the same. However it can be referred to as a vitamin B8 or as myo-inositol. It mainly works within the cells, helping in the process of cellular communication and in regulation of growth and metabolism. Moreover it is also known to exist in different forms called as stereoisomers or chemicals that are similar in structure that still make up a different biologic function. There are several inositol supplements and products that help the body use body fats as fuel.


Where does inositol come from?


Inositol is basically a vitamin that is utilized by the body for different metabolic processes. It is just a carbohydrate which is essential to provide optimal health. This nutrient is also considered to be a member of the vitamin B complex but it is not the same as inositol hexaniacinate or inositol hexaphosphate. There are several dietary sources which are rich sources of inositol which includes beans, nuts, wheat bran, wheat, citrus fruits and cantaloupe.


Inositol product information


Inositol products and supplements are necessary for several psychological processes. It is used by the body to form cell membranes while it also regulates the proper functioning of the cells. Therefore as an exercise and dietary assistant, inositol helps in the transmission of nerve signals while it also assists in transporting lipids in the body. This can help you contract your muscles efficiently while it would also help you use your body fat as fuel during the workouts. Moreover inositol supplements are also known to help enzymatic activity while they maintain cholesterol levels, brain cells, control estrogen levels, the eyes and intestines. Although deficiency of inositol is far less, but if found it can show some symptoms of constipation, eczema and other disorders.



Product dosage and side effects


The dosage guidelines mainly depend on the physiological requirements. Although the recommended daily dosage allowance is 100 mg, the dosage of 500 mg two times a day have been claimed to be efficacious. Moreover there are also some inositol combinations with other multi-vitamins and other ingredients which offer optimal bodily benefits. Fortunately there are no cases of inositol toxicity or side effects reported in literature but it is still recommended that you ovoid over dose.


Inositol products and supplements


Moreover it is also recommended that pregnant women should consult their physician prior to taking supplements with inositol as this nutrient has been seen to induce uterine contractions while it might also contribute to early delivery. People suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADD also need to consult their physician before taking these supplements. There are different products available that contain a healthy amount of inositol ingredients. Some of these products work perfectly in conjunction with other key ingredients to effectively treat depression and anxiety. Moreover there are also inositol products that can help male enhancement while also helping you overcome impotence. It is necessary you have your doctor’s recommendation so that you know what you are consuming and how you can benefit from the supplements and products.

Inositol Positive Effects

Inositol which is part of the nutritionally vital B complex family of vitamins possesses medicinal properties which make it useful in the treatment of several diseases and health conditions. Some earlier studies have focused on the possible role and positive effects of the nutrient in treating liver problems and nervous disorders including diabetic neuropathy and Alzheimer’s diseases. Most of the citrus fruits, brewer’s yeast, unprocessed whole grains, lima beans, cantaloupe, cabbage, some nuts and liver are rich sources of inositol.


Nervous disorders


The natural effects of inositol help in maintaining the integrity of cellular membranes while they are also essential for the best functioning of the brain and the nervous system. It has been found that this nutrient helps in speed messaging to the serotonin receptors of the brain. There are some studies where in patients were diagnosed with bulimia and received inositol supplements and they actually achieved a reduction in binge eating along with other bulimic behaviors that were comparable with other results obtained from prescribed medications. Moreover the patients also experienced a reduction in the related symptoms such as panic attacks, anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorders.


Prevents fatty liver


A condition which is widely linked with excessive alcohol consumption is called as fatty liver and it occurs when excessive quantities of cholesterol and triglyceride accumulate in the liver cells. One of the animal studies that were conducted by researches from a renowned university had examined the effects of this supplementation with inositol and another B complex nutrient called choline in the laboratory rats which had been trained aerobically and had not deficiencies in either of these two nutrients. So, the findings of this study were published in 1995 in the sports medicine journal which said that the supplements containing inositol and choline help in reducing liver fat but without decreasing the adipose tissue mass. It has also been found to be quite effective on human as they can as well extract all the inositol uses and benefits.



Helps diabetics


It has been found that diabetes often lead to tangential nerve damage that is often caused by chronically elevated blood sugar levels. However a healthy nervous system often alerts most of the people to injury and other damages in the arm or legs through pain signals sent to the brain. When it comes to diabetic patients, such messages might probably not get through. According to some reports on some inositol studies, when it is used in combination with choline it has shows to offer effective results in improving nerve transmission which can actually ease the problems of diabetic neuropathy which is considered to be a serious complication in diabetic patients.


Inositol is also required for the proper functioning of several brain neurotransmitters including acetylcholine and serotonin. It has been currently found that reduction of brain inositol levels can induce depression. Therefore proper levels of inositol can help you overcome signs of depression and anxiety as well. Make sure you talk to your doctor before you can self treat yourself with inositol.

Inositol Natural Uses

Inositol, the natural ingredient which is largely available in several sources is found to work wonders for anxiety and depression. However make sure you know about this product and talk to your doctor before you can take this product and know some tips to have sure relief from several illnesses. With the help of this natural ingredient or the natural root extract inositol you can naturally, safely and quickly treat anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, and depression while this nutrient can also enhance your mood and sense of well being. It is an effective remedy, treatment and a perfect alternative solution.


The natural uses of inositol


However inositol is not officially considered to be the member of vitamin B group which function as the primary component of the cell membranes. Although it has not been shown to be necessary in the human diet, the supplementation of it has shown to exert some beneficial effects especially in cases of panic attacks, depression and even diabetes. The inositol natural supplement is required for the proper functioning of several brain neurotransmitters including acetylcholine and serotonin. However it is currently found that a reduction in the brain inositol levels might trigger depression. Moreover in several studies this nutrient has also shown therapeutic results which means reduction in HDS or the score of Hamilton Depression Scale while it is quite similar to tricyclic antidepressant drugs but fortunately without any side effects.


Effects of inositol


Therefore with the positive effects of inositol on depression, studies were also conducted to test the effectiveness of this nutrient in panic disorders. The severity and frequency of panic attacks was found to decline significantly more after inositol rather than after the placebo administration.



Benefits of natural inositol


The natural supplements that contain ingredients of inositol might benefit those with depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, impotence, lung cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome and panic disorder. Moreover the supplements can also be helpful in those who suffer from psoriasis and are prescribed the lithium medication. The best part is that there are no side effects of inositol. Therefore it is not just effective as a prescription medication but it also does not have any negative effects while not addictive as well. In fact, high dosage has also been given to patients without any side effects noticed.


It is quite obvious that no single ingredient would work at 100 percent effectiveness on a long term basis and it works find for almost everyone when it is consumed with other herb or nutritional supplement. Some of the best health care and weight loss products use inositol in combination with other major ingredients at specific dosage in order to significantly reduce signs of depression and anxiety. The natural inositol is also available in different forms. Most of the citrus fruits, whole grains, nuts and natural or herbal supplements contain a healthy amount of inositol ingredients. Most of the products and natural supplements would also mention the content of ingredients which lets you know how much of inositol is included.

Inositol Natural Supplements

Inositol is a naturally occurring nutrient which is commonly found in different forms while the most common is myo-inositol. However there are different variations of the supplement and so it can be a great way to get the best nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle. It can also be a great way to inform your family and your health care provider of what products you are taking and the outcomes you are receiving.Therefore you need to be more cautious when purchasing these herbs and natural supplements.


However you might have heard of inositol which falls under the vitamin B complex category which provides several health benefits.


Inositol is a naturally occurring molecule that is used as a structural component in several other molecules found throughout the body. Although human body can generate its own inositol content, there are still several supplements and foods available that prove to be good sources. Some of the good sources of inositol include cabbage, beans, cantaloupe, seeds and citrus fruits. Inositol is a common ingredient found in most of the natural supplements for weight loss that are available at the local health stores. However most of the inositol natural products available are in the form of powder which have the same nutritional content of inositol while providing the same benefits and remedies for diseases and illness.



Natural inositol supplement powder


Inositol is the sugar whose main function is vital to the glucose production. Even though it is not a nutrient which his considered to be crucial for healthy living and for survival, some people with deficiencies of inositol suffer from several problems such as constipation. Some of the medical studies have studied and verified that inositol supplements have actually improved the conditions of people suffering from bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression.


Some natural supplements that contain inositol are also given to babies born prematurely and have respiratory distress. It has been found that the inositol content in the supplement has reduced disabilities and deaths caused by this problem. Moreover the supplement also maintains hormone balance as it controls estrogen levels in the body. However when it comes to the nervous system, the root extracts and other supplements that contain inositol have proven to be very beneficial. It can aid diabetic patients with nerve damage as it has the properties to support proper functioning of the nervous system.


The cholesterol is also kept under control by inositol. It battles high cholesterol when it is combined with another vitamin b compound called choline to produce lecithin. This supplement is crucial in maintaining highly specialized cell membranes similar to the ones that are found in the eyes and the brain. Although there are several products and supplements you can choose from that contain inositol you could probably decide upon the clinically proven product known as Provanax as it contains all the key ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. There are also several other products and supplements for healthy lifestyle and weight loss and most of the natural products that contain sufficient amount of inositol that you choose.

Inositol Natural Male Enhancer

So, you are probably tired of facing embarrassment before your partner in bed and you might be in search for the best product or supplement or even any treatment in male enhancement. Well, the market is full of products and supplements that promise successful male enhancement while being cheap. A number of people have tired these options and supplements available in the market and are disappointed with the results, but this does not meant that all the products available are not result oriented as some people have also found them to be beneficial when combined with suitable and balanced diet.


You might have probably heard about inositol which is a nutrient necessary for the body. Moreover it also has proven to be successful in treating several disease and illness such as anxiety, depression, obsessed compulsive disorder and several other disorders.


Inositol male enhancement supplements


Studies have been conducted to find the effectiveness of inositol supplements in male enhancement and it has in fact shows positive results. Inositol supplements contain some specific ingredients that create positive effects in enhance the size of the penis. Moreover there are some supplements that also stimulate sexual desire and help you overcome impotence. Some of the most common and highly used natural inositol supplements such as Mind PowerRx, MultiVit Rx and passion Rx have clinically proven to be effective in male enhancement.



Natural diabetic male enhancement


There are also inositol diabetic male enhancements which hare top selling in the health peoducts industry and work in conjunction with the natural healing process of the body. the human body actually has the ability to self correct and heal itself when there is adequate nutritional factors and diabetic natural male enhancement provides you that nutritional factor. This proven natural dietary supplement is available in carefully defatted, frozen Argentine calf liver which is processed with technology to prevent its beneficial nutritional values. It also safeguards you from getting exposed to any preservatives, additives, pesticides, solvent residues or from any synthetic hormones. So, all what you receive is the rich source of B vitamins specially niacin, riboflavin, B12 and in inositol, choline and lipotropics.


The diabetic natural male enhancer is quite a powerful provider of the required antioxidants and minerals such as zinc, copper, phosphorous, selenium and other effective insulin regulator. Moreover other naturally occurring amino acids are also present to build a stronger body. However in order to produce and sustain the erection your body needs proper flow of blood. Therefore the heme iron present in the rich sources of red meat works well in combination with the powerful detoxifying enxyme to increase blood flow in your body. Moreover it also enables you your body to combat attacks from environmental substances which are poisonous and foreign to the body’s operating system. Therefore when you combine all this with effective nucleic acids for proper utilization of amino acids you get a growth factor and an anti-estogen factor that keeps testosterone levels high while increasing the red blood cells in your body and there is increased oxygen flow.

Inositol Merits

If you are struggling with depression and anxiety then inositol can work wonders for you. It is a naturally occurring nutrient and if found in different forms while the most common being the myo-inositol. It is also found in phospholipids and functions as cellular mediators of the signal transduction, in growth and metabolic regulation. The myo-inositol is one of the nine discrete isomers of inositol and these terms are used interchangeably.


Although the nutrients are highly essential for growth of rodents they are not for most of the animals including humans. The humans can however make this nutrient in their body which is done from glucose.


Inositol characteristics


Inositol is considered to be an unofficial member of the vitamin B group which functions as a primary component of the cell membranes. However inositol has not shown to be an essential component in the human diet but still supplementation has shown to put forth some very beneficial effects and mostly in cases of panic attacks, depression and even diabetes.


There are several brain neurotransmitters which require inositol for their proper functioning including acetylcholine and serotonin. According to different studies and researches, it has been found that a reduction in the brain inositol levels might provoke depression because the inositol levels in the cerebrospinal fluids have been shown to be low in the patients with depression. Moreover in double blind merits and studies, it has also demonstrated therapeutic results which means reduction in the score of Hamilton depression scale and is quite similar to those of tricyclic antidepressant drugs but fortunately without any side effects.



The benefits of inositol


With the positive effects of inositol on depression, the double blind merits or study was mainly designed to test the effectiveness of inositol for panic disorders. The severity and frequency of panic attacks was significantly declined to a great extent after inositol than after the placebo administration. The inositol supplements might also benefit those with depression, bipolar disorder, impotence, panic disorder, lung cancer, obsessive compulsive disorder and even polychystic ovary syndrome. Moreover natural supplements can also be quite helpful in those with psoriasis or those who are on lithium medication.


Side effects


However you might also want to find out or know if there are any negative side effects of this inositol. Well, there are no side effects which are the best part. It is not just as effective as the prescription medications but it also does not have any negative side effects. Moreover it is also not addictive while it can be taken safely on a daily basic and even used as long term solution. However, high dosage or thousands of milligrams have also been given to patients without nay side effects. Therefore this is among the few ingredients that work at 100 percent effectiveness forever and it quit suitable for everyone. This also includes inositol or any other nutrient or herb.  So, just like you don’t just eat one particular food for good health, you even don’t use just a single nutrient or herb as well and so you can consider inositol.